Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Themes : Forbidden Love

Forbidden love was a main part to the shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this is because if their love wasn't forbidden, it wouldn't be the same love story and definitely wouldn't have been a tragedy either. They were not able to be together because of their famillies constant bickering and hate for each other. It is the main reason why Romeo and Juliet had to be married in secret, and had to make plans to be together in private. if it wasn't necessary, there would be no tragedy, Juliet wouldn't have had the problem of Lord Capulet arranging marriage with Paris and they wouldn't have needed to do anything in secrecy.

I think one of the reasons that forbidden love played a bigger part was because, if Juliet had married any other man, i think the Capulets would've been fine with it and there would be no tragedy or problems. But because she fell in love with Romeo, the heir to the Montagues, her family's enemies, they needed to be secretive and also hasty, because nobody knew of their love and she was to be married to Paris, so they needed to be together quick, as they did not want to tell their famillies of their love.

All in all, if their love wasn't forbidden, there simply wouldn't have been a tragedy.

my other theme is Love Vs. Lust, and even though i think it is lust more so than love, it was still forbidden either way.

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